Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wonderful Women

I was on Facebook earlier this morning and just happened to stumble on a comment posted by Patti Digh in response to link that was posted by Kim Mailhot(A.K.A, the Rock Fairy).

Patti's response was "love, love, Love this!"  Well if Patti loves something it is something I want to check out.

I clicked on the link to a post from Kim's blog and by the end of the article, I was in tears.  These are the good kind of tears where you are so incredibly touched by kindness and love that the tears just fall.

I had written to Kim about two weeks ago asking her to limber up her fairy wings and see if she would make  some rocks for Cassandra Perkins woman of the year campaign.

Cassandra, her mom Joni, and I intend to rock this campaign and we are thinking big.  Last time Kim made a batch of rocks(100)  for Laura and me as we were training and fundraising for the Paris marathon last year.

Who better to help us rock this campaign and in the process rock cancer than the Rock Fairy. I asked Kim could we place a larger order?  500 rocks, maybe even 1000?

You can read an inspiring story of love and kindness by clicking here.

Cassandra and I were at a fundraising kickoff meeting earlier this week and we were presented with an icebreaker set of questions.

Who you are.
What your role is in the campaign.
What super power would you have?

Cassandra's answers:

Cassandra Perkins
Woman of the year candidate
"I don't know if this is a super power or not, but if it is, I would put an end to bullying."

Kim referred to Cassandra as a 15 year old wonder woman.  I really loved that description of her and think it is very accurate.

Before coming to the meeting, Cassandra had given a presentation to a group of 25 girls at a middle school,
"Be the voice" on bullying.   Her mom told me that Cassandra had changed the lives of 25 girls!  How awesome is that?

15 year old wonder woman?  Yes!

Just as Cassandra has the backs of these young woman that she advocates for, the Rock Fairy's have Cassandra's back and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's back.

The Rock Fairy's advocating for a world without cancer!

Who is going to win in this fight against cancer, against bullying?

My money is on these wonderful women.

"Love is the answer to every question, Baby!"~Kim Mailhot

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  1. My turn for tears.

    The only superpower I know is Love. So grateful to be sharing it and using it so well with you, Cassandra and all those other Super Heros out there !
    Thank you, my Friend.

    Love and light !