Sunday, February 24, 2013

Buffalo Nickel

I go from

silhouettes to photos.
I invent a small projector,
and soon, I'm making movies
and they're calling me director!
an industry is dawning
and I'm standing on the brink-
mister buffalo nickel photoplay, inc!

Writing prompt for today comes from Wordpress.  The title(Buffalo Nickel) caught my eye. 

Adam played the title role of Tahteh in the musical Ragtime during his senior year in high school and the song Buffalo Nickel was a showstopper. 

I fished a coin out of a cup where we keep loose coins and the year on the coin was 1988.  

Let's see, time to go back in the time machine a quarter of a century ago. 

We watched John Elway lead the Broncos on "The Drive" in Cleveland and to the first of 5 Super Bowls with Elway as the quarterback. 

I had just started a job working 2nd shift(4-12) as a computer operator for Coast to Coast Hardware stores. 

My daughter, Laura celebrated her first birthday in May. 

We attended our first Doggy Dash in Washington Park with our dogs, Mindy and Sam.   

I was an avid golfer and used to play golf at Springhill Golf course where it cost $4.00 to play 18 holes of golf.  

I was driving a Chevrolet station wagon which Laura would later describe as the wind-up-car as the battery would constantly die.  

What were you doing in 1988?   Please leave a comment and share your memories.