Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015


Today is the three year anniversary of a world that none of us wanted to live into, a world changed forever again by a crazed gunman, shattering twelve lives, taking them away forever, shattering other lives, other lifetimes, waiting to be born into, a world changed forever, a world none of us wanted to live into. 

Remembering the lives of those we lost on this awful day, on this awful moment in our lives. 

Alex Sullivan, Alex Teves, John Larimer, Veronica Moser-Sullivan, Jessica Redfield, Micayla Medek, AJ Boik, Jesse Childress, Matt Mcquinn, Jonn Blunk, Rebecca Wingo and Gordon Cowden.

"What better honor in this lifetime to be surrounded by people who make you constantly think and say, "My God, I want to learn how to love you so well.

Gordon Cowden surrounded by his family 

Turn your whole life into a quest to be good to those people.  Like make your whole life into a quest to figure out how to show up for them.  At airports.  On birthdays.  On days where you know there is a decision lurking around the corner and they're scared and wondering.  Those good people are your people--fight for them."~Hannah Brencher