Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sheer and utter folly

Yesterday was Ride your bike to work day in Colorado. I joined 32,000+ cyclists and left my car at home and rode my bike to work on a beautiful sunny morning. There were many more cyclists on the rode than usual so the people that were driving even seemed to be aware and bit more courteous than usual. Colorado Department of Transportation said the increase of registered riders was up 60% from the previous year.

I had run 12 miles the day before so my legs felt a bit tired as I rode to work. I arrived at work after a 23 mile ride. The majority of the ride to work has a lot more climbing, which is nice as the ride home isn't as difficult.

I had been wanting to start riding my bike to work and each week I tell myself, this is the week I start and then I never make it. Usually after I break that initial barrier and get the first ride in I am fine. I have really struggled this year to get that first ride in.

Riding home it was very warm. I got home right before the cloud cover rolled in so I missed out on some shade, but missed out on some strong cross winds as well.

I was so happy when I got home, finally I had broken the barrier and had the first ride in the books. This was going to be a drive free day, my car was going to sit in the car until the next morning.

As soon I was walked in the door I found out the Laura had taken her car in to get the air conditioning fixed before driving to Grand Junction for the weekend with Sue. That was the end of my drive free day. Off we went to pick up her car before the repair shop closed. As we were driving over there, Sue called and announced she had bad news. Adam's car was overheating. steam was spraying everywhere. Sue called AAA and had Adam's car towed over to the repair shop.

I paid for Laura's car(87.00) and told them, I will see you tomorrow. My son's car is being towed as we speak.

A couple of hoses, clamps, a complete oil change, air filter, et al. and I was writing a check for 268.00.

So my Drive free day which saved me 8.00 for gas turned into 355.00 of repairs. Another 45 days of riding my bike to work, I can break even for the day.

One other thing, I registered for a prize drawing at work and won a $10.00 gift card from Panera Bread. That is cool, I love Panera. I found out today my $10.00 prize was being taxed as income.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Missing Kelly

Today I find myself feeling very sad, missing Kelly so very much.

I don't know if it is because I have been involved in a lot events recently with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and that has heightened some of the feelings I have been repressing, perhaps it is because it has been almost three months now since Kelly's passing.

For whatever reason, I find myself missing her so much right now. My heart aches and I don't know what to do.

My relationship with Kelly was never dependent on being able to see her. We lived so far apart, yet she was always so close to me in my head. Anytime I wanted so spend some time with her, all I had to do was go for a run and the distance that separated us would be gone. I could always count on her to be my running partner and off we would go together.

Now I find myself needing to run with my MP3 player, I can't run alone with my thoughts, afraid of where that will lead me. I feel like a child needing to sleep with the light on now. I can't run without that distraction. I keep trying to leave my MP3 player in the car, yet I always reach for it at the last minute. I tell myself, next time, but when the next time comes I can't run without it.

I don't want to stop missing her, but I don't want to be afraid and need the night light on when I run.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fun day

Here is my idea of a fun filled day.

To start my Saturday, I did a quick four mile run. Stopped at a Panera Bread to read the paper and hydrate for my next activity.

Drove over to meet the TNT Cycling group who are training for the Moab Century ride and rode with them to Golden and back(37 miles).

I have really enjoyed getting to ride with this group of people. They are all so nice. Cycling is so different than running. I love to run, that is still my favorite thing to do. It is the most simple sport. Just need your shoes and anyplace that looks interesting, in a matter of minutes you are off.

Cycling is much more social in nature. You wait for each other and certain spots on the ride, help out when someone has a mechanical problem. You can actually chat while you are riding. I know some people can do this while running, but I can't do this. Running is appealing for the solitude it offers, cycling offers much more camaraderie.

I probably got a chance to visit with at least half a dozen of the people during the ride. I rode back with a young girl(Megan) whose sister is an AML survivor. We chatted about a variety of things and the miles just flew by.

I think next year, I may have to try and do another TNT century ride. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the social aspect of this sport. The other plus side of this sport is if you can stay upright in the saddle it is so much easier on your body.

Tomorrow for Father's day, I will get up early and do a twelve mile run. That is my idea of a great way to start the day.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kelly Birthday pictures

I was just going through some old folders on my computer and stumbled across a couple of pictures from Kelly's 13th birthday. Sue was in Seattle on business and was able to share an evening of memories with Kelly and her family. This was a very special birthday for all of us as it was a birthday she was not expected to see.
Notice Kelly is wearing an Eeyore shirt. Eeyore was her favorite Disney character. She told me that the first time we ever talked on the phone.
Photo # 1-Kelly cuts her birthday cake. I had sent her the flowers in the background. Sue said she was so excited to get them.
Photo # 2-Molly, Kelly, Sue, Marcy and Rose
Photo # 3-Kelly, Travis and Marcy.
Kelly always had a smile on her face that would light up a room and melt your heart.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Rainy Day running

I got to do one of my favorite things yesterday morning. I got to run in the rain. There aren't to many opportunities to do that in Colorado. We don't typically get many rainy days and usually when it rains there are thunderstorms and lightning in the area so it is too dangerous to be outside. I started my run before 6:00 AM so I guess it was too early for there to be any thunderstorms.

I debated as to whether to take a lightweight jacket with me and decided to at the last moment. That turned out to be a good decision as the light drizzle when I left the car turned into a very steady rain and at times a downpour. By the time I made it back to the car, I was soaking wet and rather cold for the 5th day in June.

I ran through an upscale residential neighborhood, I always wonder what do these people do for a living. How do they afford these houses, what sort of a mortgage payment do they have. I wonder if they even notice the price of gas. Does it matter to them if it is $4.00? When if ever would they feel the pain?

I love the sound of rain, the sound of a rushing water. I have a thing for water.

It is so peaceful this morning. I see no cars on the streets. I just hear my feet strike the pavement. Almost feel like I am close to experiencing the ever elusive runners high.

Running in the rain brings back good memories of many runs in Seattle, trips to Seattle when Kelly was healthy. Running in a good rainstorm in Federal Way the day Marcy and Travis got married. Running on the Burke Gilman trail right behind the Ronald McDonald house during my last trip to Seattle in another rainstorm. I always liked running towards Kelly.

I make it back to the car after running for an hour. I feel exhilarated, I wonder when I will get to run in the rain again.

I feel sad. I miss Kelly.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

OORD-vah MOO-kah shvon-AHS-anna)

urdhva mukha = face upward (urdhva = upward
mukha = face)
svana = dog

This is one of the most frequent poses you might do during a Yoga workout. It is usally done as a sequence of poses where you move with your breath usually culminating in Downward facing dog.

I rarely see my dogs practice this pose, but I routinely see them practice Downward facing dog.

I started practicing Yoga earlier this year and every teacher has a slight variation on how to do this pose. There isn't a cookie cutter approach to Yoga. The one thing I have found is every day I do Yoga is different. Someday the poses feel great, other days it just feels awful. Somedays I have great balance and think I am finally getting the hang of it only to be completely humbled at the awkwardness as I struggle through the next practice.

Actually one of the best ways to learn Yoga is by watching my pets. They know exactly how to get the most of the poses. They are truly Yogi's. I have learned from my pets that I don't know much about Yoga.
One of the things to take away from Yoga is to be mindful. There are many different teachers we encounter in life. Some of the smartest have four legs :-)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Here are some great candidates for 2008 and beyond

Saturday night was the grand finale for the LLS Man/Woman of the year event for the Rocky Mountain chapter.

Pictured in the photo from left to right, Dori O'Malley(7-Girl of the year) Dick Saunders(Man of the year), Jill DiPasquale(Women of the year) and Robert Jackson(11-Boy of the year)

Man of year Dick Saunders raised $89,664.00. Woman of the Year Jill DiPasquale raised $41,537.00.
Overall the campaign raised $225,400. There were over 270 people in attendance. This was a huge night for the Rocky Mountain chapter in the fight against blood cancer.

Sue and I had the privilege of sitting at the same table with Robert Jackson, his mother Kim and and his older sister Cassie. Sue and Cassie hit it off instantly. Cassie reminded Sue so much of Kelly's sister(Marcy) They had a great time chatting. Robert is quite a character. He tried to dip his mother Kim on the dance floor and had a great smile on his face the whole evening. His smile was infectious, reminded me so much of Kelly.

I liked one of the things that Jill Dispquale said during her acceptance speech . "There is no greater medicine than hope".

That is one of the things we talk about all the time during board meetings, being relentless in our efforts to provide support and hope to patients and their families.

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Dick and Jill for providing hope for Dori and Robert and to everyone that needs it.