Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sheer and utter folly

Yesterday was Ride your bike to work day in Colorado. I joined 32,000+ cyclists and left my car at home and rode my bike to work on a beautiful sunny morning. There were many more cyclists on the rode than usual so the people that were driving even seemed to be aware and bit more courteous than usual. Colorado Department of Transportation said the increase of registered riders was up 60% from the previous year.

I had run 12 miles the day before so my legs felt a bit tired as I rode to work. I arrived at work after a 23 mile ride. The majority of the ride to work has a lot more climbing, which is nice as the ride home isn't as difficult.

I had been wanting to start riding my bike to work and each week I tell myself, this is the week I start and then I never make it. Usually after I break that initial barrier and get the first ride in I am fine. I have really struggled this year to get that first ride in.

Riding home it was very warm. I got home right before the cloud cover rolled in so I missed out on some shade, but missed out on some strong cross winds as well.

I was so happy when I got home, finally I had broken the barrier and had the first ride in the books. This was going to be a drive free day, my car was going to sit in the car until the next morning.

As soon I was walked in the door I found out the Laura had taken her car in to get the air conditioning fixed before driving to Grand Junction for the weekend with Sue. That was the end of my drive free day. Off we went to pick up her car before the repair shop closed. As we were driving over there, Sue called and announced she had bad news. Adam's car was overheating. steam was spraying everywhere. Sue called AAA and had Adam's car towed over to the repair shop.

I paid for Laura's car(87.00) and told them, I will see you tomorrow. My son's car is being towed as we speak.

A couple of hoses, clamps, a complete oil change, air filter, et al. and I was writing a check for 268.00.

So my Drive free day which saved me 8.00 for gas turned into 355.00 of repairs. Another 45 days of riding my bike to work, I can break even for the day.

One other thing, I registered for a prize drawing at work and won a $10.00 gift card from Panera Bread. That is cool, I love Panera. I found out today my $10.00 prize was being taxed as income.

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  1. ya just gotta laugh, doncha?
    great post!!
    love to all the kinneys and happy birthday yesterday Adam!!