Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fun day

Here is my idea of a fun filled day.

To start my Saturday, I did a quick four mile run. Stopped at a Panera Bread to read the paper and hydrate for my next activity.

Drove over to meet the TNT Cycling group who are training for the Moab Century ride and rode with them to Golden and back(37 miles).

I have really enjoyed getting to ride with this group of people. They are all so nice. Cycling is so different than running. I love to run, that is still my favorite thing to do. It is the most simple sport. Just need your shoes and anyplace that looks interesting, in a matter of minutes you are off.

Cycling is much more social in nature. You wait for each other and certain spots on the ride, help out when someone has a mechanical problem. You can actually chat while you are riding. I know some people can do this while running, but I can't do this. Running is appealing for the solitude it offers, cycling offers much more camaraderie.

I probably got a chance to visit with at least half a dozen of the people during the ride. I rode back with a young girl(Megan) whose sister is an AML survivor. We chatted about a variety of things and the miles just flew by.

I think next year, I may have to try and do another TNT century ride. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the social aspect of this sport. The other plus side of this sport is if you can stay upright in the saddle it is so much easier on your body.

Tomorrow for Father's day, I will get up early and do a twelve mile run. That is my idea of a great way to start the day.

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