Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kelly Birthday pictures

I was just going through some old folders on my computer and stumbled across a couple of pictures from Kelly's 13th birthday. Sue was in Seattle on business and was able to share an evening of memories with Kelly and her family. This was a very special birthday for all of us as it was a birthday she was not expected to see.
Notice Kelly is wearing an Eeyore shirt. Eeyore was her favorite Disney character. She told me that the first time we ever talked on the phone.
Photo # 1-Kelly cuts her birthday cake. I had sent her the flowers in the background. Sue said she was so excited to get them.
Photo # 2-Molly, Kelly, Sue, Marcy and Rose
Photo # 3-Kelly, Travis and Marcy.
Kelly always had a smile on her face that would light up a room and melt your heart.

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