Sunday, February 19, 2012

My wee rant

The Facebook like button.

I don't care for it.  What I don't like about it is it is a quick way to interact with our friends on Facebook without really making a connection.

I notice that people just click the like button and move on to the next item in the news feed.   It is a hit and run.  Not really connecting.  I am not sure what the ratio is as to how many comments are made in relation to the number of likes.

For me, my intention is to leave a comment when someone posts something that interests me, inspires me.  I may not even hit the like button(gasp).  Sometimes in the context of the post, hitting the like button may not make any sense and it may cry out for connection.

When someone posts something on Facebook that brightened my day, made me think, moved me to tears, inspired me to action than I want that person to know that they matter, they make a difference in my day, in my life.

So in life and on Facebook, take the time to acknowledge the people that matter to you.

Don't just like a status.  Tell why you liked it.   How did it impact you?

Life is short.  Like accordingly.

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