Monday, February 27, 2012


Today's writing prompt:  Write the first paragraph of your memoir locating your own story within a larger context.

It was a normal Colorado day in April, overcast with a hint of rain.  Worldwide and at the company I worked at the Information Technology industry was focused on Y2K preparation, file expansions, date windowing, time dimensional testing, code remediation.   Cobol(Common Oriented Business Language) programmers were in high demand.  Many had come out of retirement to cash in on the opportunity and work as highly paid consultants.  Head hunters called weekly, what would it take for you to take another position?   Bonuses were now expected, not the exception.

I was training for my first marathon which was less than five weeks away.   Things were going well at work.  I had time to go for a run during my lunch hour.   I changed into my running clothes and set out to do a six mile run.   I left at 11:15.   I came back to a different world.   It was April 20, 1999.

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