Friday, December 4, 2009

31 days of Wishes: Day 4

I love this thought from one of the people I follow on Twitter.

"Pick one cause that makes your blood boil and your heart ache and work to change it. Then, never give in. Never. Never. Never"-Eric Harr

For Eric, it is  about fighting the obesity epidemic and empowering women. He believes in this so much that he is committed to raising one million dollars for CARE as he trains for the Hawaii Ironman next fall.  Please take a couple of minutes to watch the "Girl effect".

For me the cause that makes my blood boil and my heart ache is the fight against blood cancer. 

Today my wish for everyone to find the cause that lights you up and then never give up, be relentless in your efforts to effect the change you seek.  It's all about taking action.

Do you have a cause that makes your heart ache?  What is the wish you have for your cause?

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  1. Love that! thoughts like these should help make the Holiday's a little brighter! Thanks for putting it into perspective!

    love you!