Saturday, December 19, 2009

31 Days of Wishes; Day 19 Birthday Wishing for a Kure

Relay for Life Team 2009

To celebrate my birthday  today I made a donation to the Wishing for a  Kure team.  Kelly's Aunt Linda and Uncle Bill have already formed a team for next years Relay for Life on August 6, 2010.

I was thinking of all the people that I know that give selflessly in this fight against cancer.  They get up early on Saturday mornings and brave the elements, put themselves out there season after season trying to raise money for a cure in a shaken economy.  Sadly cancer doesn't slow down during an economic downturn. 

Teresa  who is back for her 4th TNT season, put together a fun slide show of a typical December training run

One of my friends Heather is also a relentless cancer fighter.  Heather's sister Holly is a cancer survivor and recently finished an Ironman.   Please take a moment to read Holly's post about Shawn Felty

If you are moved, touched and inspired by these people as much as I am, my wish for the day would be for anyone that is reading this, to consider making a donation to the Wishing for a Kure team, or to Heather's Team Fight page to benefit the Ulman Cancer fund  for young adults or to Ryan who is running in memory of a close friend or Teresa whose TNT hero is fighting for his life today or to anyone else you might know that is on the front lines of this battle.

My life is richer because of Kelly and the people I have been lucky enought to meet through her cancer journey

How has your life been touched or changed by cancer?

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