Sunday, December 27, 2009

31 Days of Wishes: Day 27

Do you make resolutions or set goals?

I like this perspective from one of my facebook friends,  "As we get ready to enter 2010 remember this: Resolutions set you up for failure. Goals set you up for success". 

"The majority of resolutions are vague like: "I will lose weight", "I will stop smoking", "I will run". Goals are specific: "I want to lose 10lbs by March", "I will stop smoking by May", "I will run a 5k". By saying you want to lose weight means you have to take action w/ diet & workouts. Smoking means you get a patch, less per day/week/month. Running a 5k means you will have to start running." -Sarah Stanley

The other problem I see with resolutions versus goal setting is a goal can be adjusted.  How do you go about adjusting a resolution?

I started off 2009 with some running specific goals and due to a stubborn injury, most of those goals couldn't be met so I reevaluated my goals and set some cycling goals instead.  I rode in the Copper Triangle for the first time.  I completed my first century ride since 2004 in Moab in September. 

I had to adjust my goal of running a marathon in 2009 and was able to complete a 1/2 marathon in October.

Goals can continually be adjusted.  New goals can be set when a goal is completed.

I agree with Sarah.  Goals set you up for success! 

Some of my goals for 2010:

Ride the Iron Horse Bicycle classsic and raise $500.00 for the Lance Armstong foundation in honor of Trista Otto.

Run the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day as a Saint Jude hero and raise money for Saint Jude Hospital.

Ride in the Tour De Cure and raise $1,000 for the American Diabetes Association in honor and in memory of Sue's mother.

Run a marathon or do a century ride with Team in Training. The event is TBD at this point.   Since I already have a century ride on my calendar, I really hope I can do a marathon. 

Form a team for the Mile High Amazing race to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Form a team for the Light the Night Walk to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

My wish for today is for everyone to set, meet and exceed their goals in 2010.

What goals will you set for the next year?

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