Thursday, December 3, 2009

31 days of wishes: Day 3

 A wish is a hope or desire for something.

What would be the things you would wish for?  Riches, love, a new car.  I am sure as a kid, I would have wished to have been a major league baseball player.

My top wishes for the day.

The possibility of a world without cancer of any kind.

That all dogs and cats in shelters find good homes.

Do you have a life changing wish?  What would you wish for if anything you wished for could come true?


  1. My wish would be that everyone in the world worshiped and followed Jesus Christ. That would be life-changing, world-changing.
    Wow, would that be amazing.
    love you guys.

  2. I wish for world peace and that no kids go hungry, no one is out in the cold without a home, and that everyone could find one person to love.
    -love you!