Tuesday, December 15, 2009

31 Days of Wishes: Day 15

We woke up this morning to a strange sound.  It sounded like a large truck was running outside our house.

Our dog Rocky was barking.  Nothing unusual for him to be barking.

Laura went downstairs to see why he wouldn't stop. 

There were fire trucks, police cars, ambulances and news stations right outside our house.

A house across the street, less than 100 yards from where we live had caught on fire.

The fire department arrived within eight minutes of the call.

They got one person out of the inferno.

One person could not be saved.

A life passed while we slept. 

The homeowner had opened his home to a homeless person out of the goodness of his heart.

The homeless person died in the fire.

They were able to save a dog that belonged to the homeless person. 

The house is totally destroyed.

My wishes for today:

For our neighborhood and community to rally around our neighbor.

For someone to adopt the dog that is now in an animal shelter.

For all of us to remember the life that was lost.  This person was someone's son, mabye a brother, maybe a father.

For us to embrace our lives, love and serve others at all times.

For all that are hurting to find peace in their hearts.


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