Saturday, January 9, 2010

To Kelly on her Birthday

Dear Kelly,

This last week has been kind of an up and down week for me.  I have been feeling kind of blue at times, missing you so much.

How I wished I could hug you today and see your amazing smile one more time...

Sue and I were talking a week or so about you and she asked me what it was in your life that inspired me.

I so admired how you were able to deal with the dissapointment when you suffered a relapse of your cancer.  You didn't let that stop you.   You chose your cancer, you chose your life

You lived a life full of love and joy and lived your life in a way that touched everyone you met and touched the lives of those you never met.

You lived your life with unflinching courage.  I wanted to stand for your life and found you standing for mine. 

I love you so much :)

Happy Birthday Kelly!


  1. Happy Birthday Kelly:)I thought about her as I ran today in the Disney Half Marathon! Thank you so much for your support!

  2. Lani,

    Thanks so much for letting me know you thought of Kelly today while you were running.

    Kelly loved all of her runners.

    You really brightened my day :)

  3. Ross -

    Thank you for being relentless in your fight against all cancers. The most amazing and special people are the ones taken too soon. I can't believe Steph and Kelly are connected the way they are...I'm sure they are celebrating somewhere today. You are an inspiration to me with your strength - thank you!

  4. Happy Birthday Kelly! Ross is right, you have touched the lives of those you never met, and you continue to do so. So many people here are still fighting for you, and will never give up!

    Thinking of you today Ross!

  5. Thanks so much Ross for all you have done for our family and continuing to fight against this horrible disease. Thanks for grieving with us - we miss her so much!!! Thanks to all the runners for carrying on the fight - there are too many kids dying from this disease!!!
    sending our love always,
    patty, don, molly & rose

  6. Happy birthday, Kelly.

    I'm getting my L&L tattoo after I run 13.1 in a few days. You'll be in my heart.

    Thank you for introducing me to Ross.

  7. This really touched me. I started training with TNT in August and just finished my first event with them at Disney last weekend having raised $19,000! The whole experience touched my life like nothing else has. I run in memory of two special women and in honor of another and your relationship with Kelly is so touching. I'm signed up for two more TNT events already and would love to share TNT experiences with you! GO TEAM!