Sunday, January 24, 2010


I like the thought in this article from a TNT runner from the Georgia Chapter.   Julie talks about  making commitment,  and the consequences of breaking that commitment.  Please click here to read her thoughts.

Last weekend, I went to a foundation training workshop for Colorado Youth at Risk.  At the end of the workshop the facilitators of the workshop asked us to stand up if we were going to make a commitment to the program and to the possibility of making a difference in the life of a person we haven't met.  Ten out of ten people made that commitment.

Saturday, I went to a Team in Training information meeting at Whole Foods.  There was a very good turnout, 30+ people took an hour out of their day to come and learn more about the program.  I am not sure how many people made the commitment and signed up on Saturday.   I talked with one person as she agonized over her decision.  She told me she couldn't believe she was even considering taking this on. 

Taking on cancer, raising money for research,  providing support and hope to the people who are fighting this disease.  It is a step to take.   She signed up!

I talked to another person and found out she was going to run for her husband to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of his remission.  That was her presesnt to him!  Inspired!

My friend, Brittany shared some of her story of being diagnosed one month before her 16th birthday, being told she wouldn't live to see her 16th birthday.  Brittany turned 25 earlier this month

I went to the info meeting, because I knew Brittany was going to speak.  I made that commitment to support her.  I have heard her tell her story several times.  I am still moved to tears, not so much by her story, but by her commitment to make a difference in this battle. 

What are you committed to in your life?  What inspires you?


  1. I was inspired by the DROVES of TNT runners in the Disney half marathon this year.. I just had no idea how big it was, and now I really understand how much I missed out on. I am definitely going to do TNT again, next season so I can continue to make a difference and experience the program to the fullest extent!

  2. How inspiring!! I really love how involved (and committed!!) you are with Team in Training. They are lucky to have you!

    I am committed to helping make Sweetwater Paddle for the Cure big! It's a kayaking event that raises money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.