Friday, January 22, 2010

7 Random Things and A New Runner for Kelly!

I continue to be amazed at the wonderful people that I meet through the Internet.  I have developed friendships with people that I haven't met and most likely may never have the honor of meeting in person.

I have no idea how my newest blogging friend and I came to meet.  Somehow she stumbled on my blog and the really amazing part of this encounter is the connection she has made with Kelly.  Kelly now has a new runner.  This really lifts my heart and it means so much to me to know that Kelly's life and her love continues to inspire others. 

Please read the article that Katye wrote here.

Katye tagged me on her blog so here I go with my 7 random things.

1. In December 1998, I  got a random flyer in the mail, from Team In Training.  I had zero experience as a runner.  In fact most of my memories of running were very painful.  In 7th grade we had to run a 440 at the end of gym class and I would finish dead last every day.  Years later I went running on an indoor track with the same friend who accompanied me on our forlorn journey around the track and we ran a mile.  I hated it, begged my friend to let me stop and somehow we finished this torturous mile.  I couldn't walk for a week afterwards.   For some reason I was drawn to this program, registered to attend an information meeting.  The first meeting was cancelled because of a blizzard and I felt somewhat relieved as it was a crazy idea.  The next week I found myself at the rescheduled meeting and I signed up on the spot to do a marathon.  My life was changed forever by that decision.   I got to be Kelly's runner and be inspired by her :)

2. I have bowled 200's left handed and right handed.

3. My favorite city to visit is San Francisco. Sue and I went there on our honeymoon in 1983.  The cable cars were being renovated and it wasn't until 1997 when we were able to go back that we finally got to ride in a cable car.  In 2000, Laura and Adam loved riding the cable cars during another visit. In 2005, I ran the full, Sue and Adam did the 1/2 marathon, Laura ran the flatest 5K ever which is quite a feat to do in San Francisco.

4. My favorite place to run is in Federal Way, Washington.  I have great memories of running from our hotel to the King County Aquatic Center where my daughter Laura swam  many times at the Western sectional swim meet.

5. My Marathon Maniac # is 667 which I earned by running in back to back marathons in 2007, Twin Cities in 85 degree heat and in Denver the following week in 30 degrees and a cold rain.

6. I used to be terrified of flying. 

7. My favorite musical is Les Miserables.  If you ever get a chance to see it, go.  It is so powerful.

Okay so now I’m supposed to tag 7 Blog Friends so I am passing the virtual baton to my cyber space friends.


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  1. I bowl in the 90s no matter which hand I use :)

    Thanks for the bloggy award! I'll have to work on my 7 random stuff.