Saturday, January 30, 2010

Haiti relief efforts

I have been interested in reading the comments about how the United States had donated 58 million dollars towards relief efforts in Haiti and the possible impact that had on other charitable causes.

There were telethons, former presidents and celebrities, that encouraged the relief efforts.

Social networks, Facebook, Twitter and the blogging community were very active.

There were many bloggers that offered to donate money for each comment that was left on their blog. I was one of them.

My thought is that when a natural disaster occurs, it transcends our borders and as people we feel compelled to take action.

In the aftermath of Columbine and the terrorist attacks on 9/11 people rushed to the hospital to give blood, people donated to fallen fire fighter funds, the Columbine Never Forgotten fund.

Does giving money to a relief efforts, divert money from cancer, heart, diabetes research?

Do I wish that as a country we could harness those same forces and publicity for cancer research? YES!

It would be awesome if we could raise 58 million overnight. Would that make an impact in furthering the efforts to find a cure and save lives?  It certainly would.

The need for basic necissities such as clean drinking water in Haiti is immediate. 

My opinion is that donating to a  major relief effort does not signficantly impact giving to other charitable causes.

Did you donate to any of the Haiti relief efforts?  Do you think that donating to this effort takes money away from other causes?

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