Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Comfy Cupboard

I took the day off from yesterday so I could attend a ribbon cutting ceremony in the Bone Marrow transplant unit at Children's Hospital.

When I ran the Denver marathon last fall, I had dedicated one of my miles to baby Melina, who died from Leukemia when she was ten months old. Ten months. Out of all the stories I have heard since I started with Team in Training 10 years ago, that is one of the most heart wrenching stories I have heard.

The Comfy Cupboard supplies items to families who have forgotten to bring something along on their hospital stay. It will have toothpaste, deoderant, cameras, journals, games, etc. The money that was raised at Melina's golf tournament was used to fund this project.

Melina's Mom cut the ribbon at the ceremony yesterday. It was a really special moment to see the spirit of Angel Melina at work.

Afterwards I was able to go visit Mighty Mason who happened to be at Children's Hospital. He had to go to hospital last weekend due to a fever. Mason was the team hero for the fall season. I had a nice visit with Mason's parents and enjoyed seeing Mason set his parents straight on a few issues. Mason is 6 years old.

Someday I hope the Comfy Cupboard has no use.

Until that day comes, this will provide comfort to a family that didn't have the time to pack everything as they rushed to the hospital with their child.

Angel Melina at work :)

Take that, Cancer!

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  1. How does one donate to the Comfy Cupboard?

    (I used to collect hotel shampoos and such for the Bannister House at UCSD Medical Center, which was similar to the Ronald McDonald House, I suppose... My mom worked at UCSD, and I always passed along those items to her... I've been looking for another worthy cause now that I no longer have my connection there... (LOL-ish?))