Saturday, January 17, 2009

Celebrating with Brittany

Today Brittany Ross is celebrating 8 years of being in remission!

Brittany was diagnosed shortly before her sweet 16 birthday. It was a miracle she lived to see that birthday.

She was told she wouldn't graduate from high school, would never be able to attend college.

I think Brittany reacted to this challenge the same way Han Solo did in the Empire Strikes Back when told that the odds against successfully navigating an asteroid field were approximately 3,720 to 1.

"Never tell me the odds". Who does she remind me of?

So today, I celebrate along with Brittany.

I celebrate her friendship, the unconditional support she has given me. Brittany has been such an important part of my healing process this year.

I celebrate her health and her future as she begins a new and exciting part of her life.

I celebrate the hope that she gives me, to all of this who are in this fight to find a cure.

Keep celebrating Brittany, forever and always.

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