Friday, January 2, 2009


I have an interesting resolution to start the new year. It is the reverse of how one would normally set a resolution.

My resolution to start the year is to stop running.

Most of the time we wait for the new year to start to begin new things. It could be starting a diet, working out, taking a yoga class.

So in a sense this is a new thing for me. I waited for the old year to end so I could start by stopping.

For the first time since I started running I am actually looking forward to stopping for a while.

I can do some things I never do. Maybe I can even sleep in on a Saturday morning. What a concept that would be.

I can go to a Yoga class on Saturday mornings if I want to.

I can enjoy a snowstorm, if we ever get one and not worry about how that will impact my running.

For the last 10 years running on the weekends has been a way of life for me. Now I have to stop so I can start again.

It will be interesting see how long I can keep my noituloser this year.

Any suggestions as to how pronounce noituloser?

No it u loser
Noi tulo ser
Noit uloser
Noit ulo ser

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  1. Hi Ross -

    I'm so sorry to hear you will need to stop running and cycling for awhile but your health comes first. I know how much you enjoy both of those activities! I hope your yoga will provide you at least a little of the enjoyment you experienced while running or cycling. I will miss training with you for another marathon. Take care and try to stick to your noituloser.