Thursday, May 15, 2008

Super Thursday for Adam & Laura

Today was a big day in the lives of my children. Laura turned 21 today and is now officially an adult. Adam graduated from high school at 9:00 this morning.

As a parent this is a day of mixed emotions, excitement twinged with sadness as my time with Laura and Adam has passed too quickly and the clock is running.

Sue told me I should give them so advice so here goes.

  • Pursue your dreams

  • Love what you do

  • Serve others

  • Never give up

  • Pay your bills first

  • Never accept limitations, from others or yourself

  • Believe in yourself

  • Work and play hard

  • Never stop learning, being curious

  • Take risks, A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are made for.

I am very proud of both of you. You are both very talented with unique special gifts to offer to the world. I believe in you.

I told this to Laura during sobfest 05 as she calls it and I wanted to share that tonight with both of you.

You have everything you need to be successful. I want to be a part of your life for all of your life and I want us to be friends.




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  2. ross i am enjoying your blog so much and sue's as well. forgot you had one til this past week - gee where has my head been?
    congrats to both of your kids - you have done such a wonderful job raising those two. we are putting together a package for your family and will be sending it off before, hm, let's say before Adam graduates from college. not really! hope to get it together in the next couple weeks. i have paperwork i just have to get done this next week and it seems to take so much energy to make myself do certain things. i don't know how Don gets himself to work each day and functions. i just plug along at home and that knocks the wind out of my sails each day.
    will write more later - i'll email you. the girls are wanting dinner - can't understand this constant hunger for 3 meals a day!