Monday, May 12, 2008

Colorado Rockies run for the Homeless

For Mother's day, Adam and I let Sue sleep in and we went and did a 5K run that the Colorado Rockies put on as a benefit to end homelessness in Denver. Adam tried to convince Laura to come with us, but he couldn't talk her into it. Every race participant gets a voucher for two free tickets to a baseball game so it is a good deal.

Adam goes to two 5K's a year, this one and Fans on the Field where you start at Invesco field run into Coors field, inside the Pepsi center where the Avs and Nuggets play and then run on the sideline at Invesco Field where the Broncos play.

That is one of the cool things about the running community. Almost ever race raises money for a charitable organization.

We almost had to change our last name to Mckinney as Miss Colorado, Maggie Ireland was the volunteer assisting with registration for people with last names beginning with M.

The gal that sang the national anthem before the race was awesome. I still get goosebumps now when I hear our national anthem sung. It has always had a much deeper feeling for me after 9-11.

This run has an interesting twist as you get to enter Coors field and run along the warning track from Left field towards home plate and then back up the first base line to right field and back out of the stadium.

A young guy that was running near me pretended to leap up near the left field wall and snag rob someone of an imaginary home run. He got quite the ovation for his athletic feat.

After the race, you get to come back in the stadium and get free hot dogs (very gross at 8:00 in the morning) and lemonade squishes. Adam ate two hot dogs, guess you can do that when you are 17. The thought of eating hot dogs right after running was repulsive to me.

Huge turnout at the event this year. The concourse was quite crowded, almost felt like you were at a game minus the baseball players.

Perfect running weather yesterday, nice and cool at the start. The sun felt great afterwards.

This was my first race in 8 weeks and amazingly I did fairly good and best of all was this was a rather hilly course and I had no problems with my knee!

Adam and I had a great time and bonded together on Mother's day while the girls slept in :-)

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  1. Can't wait to 'share' in the moment with you boys when we go to the baseball game! Laura and I worked hard at that sleeping in thing!

    Love you!