Monday, May 26, 2008

Kelly's graduation

A year ago, Laura and I attended Kelly's graduation at Cut Bank High School. It was a very emotional day for all that were in attendance. In the above photo, Kelly receives her medal of honor from Colonel Darryl Hensley. The ribbons represented his service to our country which included the Bronze Star for his service in Afghanistan. I had the honor to speak with Colonel Hensley and thank him for doing that for her. He told me that she was his hero, that nothing he or I would ever do in our life would compare to Kelly's battle. I couldn't have agreed more. I told him she had been my hero for the last eight years. Kelly in her typical fashion received the medal with graciousness and humility. She was one of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet.

Kelly was so determined to walk with her class and this determination was shared equally by her classmates. They had no intentions of walking without her.

When Kelly's name was announced she received a heartfelt standing ovation from the entire audience. Kelly was so loved by her community.

She was a hero to so many of us.


  1. Ross,

    Thank you so much!! We love you!!

    Don Grubb

  2. ross
    i enjoy your blog so much!!! what did we do before blogging? oh yeah, i'm the only one in my family not blogging. i promise i'll start soon!