Monday, June 15, 2009

The week ahead

On tap for this week.

Milk Truck Monday. The kind of day when you feel like you have been run over by a Milk Truck. I think today the rubber is going to meet the road on a project my team has been working on for over a year.

Tuesday-I am going to ride my bike to work for the first time this year. I struggle so much making the commitment to do that the first time.

Wednesday-My last board meeting for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. More to come on that.

Thursday-Irish Snug running with Keegan and Laura.

Friday-Heading up to Keystone for the Blue River Metric Century ride.

Saturday-Riding to honor Trista. Bring on the hills. I love going up the hills. I have complete control of that and I even get to say "On your left" a few times and pass others while I am climbing.

Descending is another story. I feel totally out of control. I don't enjoy it at all. For most people the descent is the rush and for me it brings out fear.

I had an interesting insight this morning.

I crave that feeling of being in control. When I climb, I have control of my pace, my effort, my breathing.

When I descend I have to trust and surrender and that is really hard for me.

Control? Trust and Surrender?

If you risk nothing, then you risk everything-Geena Davis

How do you live your life?

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