Sunday, June 28, 2009

An actual post about Running of all things

I thought I should actually post something about running.

I don't do much running anymore, certainly not nearly as much as I would like to.

Year to date totals for running.

183 miles, I have run 48 out of 179 days.

Last year through June 28.

777 miles, ran 140 out of 180 days. Extra day due to Leap year.

Last week I ran a paltry 12 miles.

A year ago I ran 44 miles during the same week.

My three runs last week were so much better than they felt in such a long time. I actually enjoyed running, almost felt like a runner. I had fun. I noticed I was having fun.

That is pretty remarkable for me to notice things. I tend to be oblivious. If you ask my wife, she will be glad to confirm that fact. LOL.

Thursday night, I met Laura, Kristin, Michelle and Krazy baby(Keegan) at the Irish Snug for a fun 5K run.

We ran in a light drizzle the entire time. I pushed Keegan in the baby jogger while the girls ran with each other.

Keegan had some crackers in his hand at the start of the run and still had them at the end of the run, but they had gotten rather soggy.

He kept asking where LaLa was. That is what he calls Laura. I told him every time that she was right behind us and had stopped to tie her shoes.

Keegan jabbered the entire run, noticing motorcycles, bicycles, puppies and a firetruck. We could hear thunder that was rumbling in the distance and he thought that was quite a funny noise.

After we got back to the Irish Snug, we went downstairs where the staff provides the runners with free pasta. Keegan had quite a good time eating skagetti.

This was my 10th run with the Irish Snug running club, so I received my free and very prestigious Irish Snug running shirt.

I love free stuff. I am still trying to figure out a way to finagle a free running shirt from one of my favorite bloggers. I think she is quite funny, but she insists that she is always serious. Check her out and decide for yourself.

This morning, I ran in one of my favorite areas of Denver, down a beautiful stretch of 7th Avenue with a short stretch in Cheesman Park. Beautiful tree lined streets.

I was running. I still can't run at any sort of pace, but the last three runs have been virtually pain free. I just can't remember the last time I have had three runs in a row that I have enjoyed and didn't have that chronic pain in my glute.

I will take my three runs and my twelve miles and be grateful for that gift.

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  1. 3 runs/12 miles of pain free is definitely worth celebrating. Yeay!

    And who doesn't love free stuff??