Thursday, June 4, 2009

National Running Day Recap

June 3, 2009 was National Running Day. I celebrated the inaugural year of this event with a quick run with my daughter Laura.

Laura had just got home from 24 HR fitness. She had gone to a Yoga class and then did a class called 24 Set which she said was incredibly hard.

I told her today was National Running Day and I still didn't have my run in. Much to my delight she changed into her running clothes and said since it was National running day, she better go for a run.

Our three dogs were all excited as they thought they should go running as well, but they settled for their normal spot on the couch and waited for us to get back home.

We had a nice run, chatting about the hills in our neighborhood, some of her friends.

Laura has a friend of hers from high school that is really getting into running. Laura and Vicki ran the Bolder Boulder on Memorial day and Vicki is really getting into running. Vicki signed up to run the Denver 1/2 marathon this fall on National Running Day. I think Vicki is pretty cool. I have been trying for years to get Laura to run the Bolder Boulder and now that Laura has run in it she can't wait for next year.

It is pretty neat that we now have a national running day.

Lace up your shoes and start running!

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