Monday, January 30, 2012

Lost living rooms and Highways

I received this email on Saturday evening from Maya Stein.

Greetings, "Lost Highways & Living Rooms" contributors! I'm excited and delighted to report that the book is finally, finally ready! I've received preliminary copies and I'm thrilled to see your contribution in print at long last. Some of you may have already purchased copies of the book (I just announced it last week on my 10-line Tuesday newsletter), but just in case others have not received word about where to get them, I wanted to direct you to the right place. 

Lost Highways and Living Rooms is a compilation of writing created from Maya Stein's "Tour de Word" workshops in the fall of 2010, as well as contributions from readers of her ongoing 10-line Tuesday weekly poetry newsletter. The two-month tour took Maya on a circumnavigational trip around the United States and parts of Ontario, where she facilitated nearly 30 workshops for children, teens, and adults. Lost Highways & Living Rooms features poetry, fiction, and non-fiction from more than 60 contributors ages 8-80."

Maya Stein publishes an article every Tuesday that contains 10 lines.  10 line Tuesday's.

I started following her back in 2010 and she solicited people that were following her to submit an article for an anthology of stories she was compiling as she traveled across the country.

I wrote something and submitted it for her book and forgot all about it.  I was very excited when I discovered on Saturday that my work, my art is now published.  I am a published author of a short story.  How cool is that and at the same time terrifying?!!

My musing's and thoughts that are published here are read by a small group of people, mostly family and friends and many might not be read at all

Now a story that I wrote, may be read by many and again maybe no one will read it.  The purpose of doing the work, is to do the work and let go of the attachment as to how many will read it, how many will  like it, how many might comment on it, how many might hate it...

The story that I wrote followed Maya Stein's 10 line Tuesday format.  It is a short story and a story that I wrote about Kelly.

I will publish the story that I wrote her on my blog at some point.  For now I am going to savor the fact that I am a contributing author to Maya Stein's anthology series.

I have created art in the world.

This is one of the first articles of  Maya's that I read from her 10 line Tuesday series.


"No one really understands the Atlantic
the way k. did - vast, impossible nothingness,
a chilling void where echoes of
island rum jubilation and coconut revelry
nagged like the Sirens, like a playground taunt.

No wonder she hit land so fast,
barreling over the Gulf like a rabid thing,
full of electric yearning for some honest-to-God company,
a sense of brief, knowable longing.
So much like all of us."~Maya Stein

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