Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Woman of the Year

Woman of the Year!
Wow, what an evening.

I am so excited.  Friday evening I attended a Winter Cocktail reception where the Rocky Mountain chapter introduced 14 men and women who are running as candidates for the Leukemia and Lymphoma's Society Man and Woman of the Year campaign.

I am incredibly proud of the young woman(Cassandra Perkins) standing next to me in the above picture.

I had the honor of nominating Cassandra to run as a candidate in this prestigious campaign.   This is a 10 week campaign where every dollar raised counts as a vote and at the end of the campaign the person with the most votes is declared as the winner.

Cassandra is the youngest person ever to have run in this campaign, regionally and nationally.  Cassandra celebrated her 15th birthday on January 9th.   I have no doubt at all that she is going to make a huge impact in this fight against blood cancer.

15 years old, taking on cancer.  Standing in possibility and for the possibility of a world where cancer can't exist.   Being a voice for those that are touched by this disease.

15 years old, standing for Kelly's life, honoring what Kelly fought for....

To say that I am inspired, honored, grateful and humbled by her courage for taking on this challenge, is simply saying what is.

Wow!  Cassandra said yes!   Saying yes to hope, to life, to a world without cancer.

So to Kelly and Cassandra, who share a birthday together, thank you for being an inspiration in my life, for touching my heart in a way so I live my one wild and precious life like you do.  All in!

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  1. Ross it is such an honor and a privilege to be running for woman of the year, for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Thank you so much <3 Blood Cancer Freedom fighter <3