Saturday, November 28, 2009

30 days of Thanks: Day 25 + Cans for Comments Blogathon

Today I am thankful for:

Being able to run in one of my favorite races:  Remembering Steve "Flagman" Muniz 5K.

Steve was a Vietnam veteran and a fixture for many years at all of the local running races.  Steve passed away at the two mile mark on Halloween in 2002 while running a 5K.

Steve always ran with two American flags long before it was fashionable to do so.  I look forward every year to be able to run in his memory and proudly carry on his tradition of running with the American flag.

Today Laura and I both ran with the American flags that Potts(Parenthia Jones) as she is affectionately called  provided to all of the runners at the start of the race.

I am so thankful for Potts for her support of the running community. After September 11, Potts immediately organized a 5K to benefit the first responders and provide an outlet for a community that was grieving. 

Potts was one of the runners selected to carry the Olympic Torch as it passed through Colorado in 2004!

Do you have someone that inspires you?

                                                  Laura, Potts and me at the finish line.

Please take a moment and leave a comment for the Cans for Comments Blogathon that is running through December 2.  The more comments, the more canned goods that I will donate to a local food bank.


  1. Potts is such a wonderful person, supporting her community so many years. She is an inspiration! Plus... she Loves YOUR daughter.

  2. No you know that I read your blog everyday. I truly enjoy it and am glad that your life and health continues to improve.