Saturday, March 14, 2009

Angels, Heroes and Eeyore

I woke up last Tuesday feeling very sad as the one year anniversary of Kelly’s passing was a week away.

I felt like I was managing my emotions fairly well and had been trying to stay upbeat for the most part. I had even planned a Saint Patrick’s day get together with the South Denver TNT group to celebrate Kelly's life.

Yet as I started off to work, I felt overwhelmed with sadness. I even posted my status message on Facebook , I was getting a head start on feeling sad about next week.

As I was driving to work I thought about another team hero of mine, Brittany Ross. I thought about callng her next Tuesday. I just knew I would feel better if I could hear her voice. While the thought of calling her made me happy, I started to cry. Happy and sad at the same moment.

I kept Brittany in my thoughts the rest of the day. I found some comfort there.

Later that afternoon, Brittany had sent out a text message asking for everyone to let her know their favorite Disney character, and to leave the message for her on Facebook.

I was so happy to hear from her and sent her a request to add me as her friend on Facebook.

It was really amazing to me as I had been thinking about Brittany for much of the day. I was so down. Did she somehow sense I needed to hear from her?

This was something I had experienced many times with Kelly. I would be feeling discouraged and when I would get home there would be an e-mail from Kelly in my in-box. My heart would leap when I saw her name. This wasn’t something that happened just once. It was uncanny. She always seemed to know when I needed to hear from her.

Last fall right before the Denver marathon, I got a package in the mail from Kelly’s parents. They wanted me to have something of Kelly’s to treasure, to inspire. Don and Patty thought the marathon was the follwing week and for some reason they went back to my website to double check the date. I am sure that Kelly nudged them to check that. Don and Patty sent the package through FedEX overnight service. Kelly knew I needed to hear from her.

My hero, now my angel, forever my hero.

Brittany and I had an amazing chat via Facebook later that night. I told her that my favorite Disney character was Eeyore. That was also Kelly’s favorite character. Kelly told me that the very first time we ever talked on the phone.

Brittany now lives in Orlando, Florida and works for the Walt Disney company. Brittany is going to recruit Eeyore to be on the Light the Night team next fall. I know Kelly will like that.
Brittany shared this with me the other night.

So I wanted to do something in Kelly's memory and I was over at Walgreens yesterday and I was looking at IPOD holders for my IPOD and I found one with Eeyore on it and since you had told me that Eeyore was her favorite character, I decided to get it. I take my IPOD with me everywhere I go, and that way no matter where I am or what I am doing, a piece of her is with me all the time.

My angels and heroes. Even Eeyore has to smile about that.

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