Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random thoughts

Strange weather. I have lived in Colorado my entire life. I can't ever remember a year where we haven't had any snow, not even a trace in September and October.

Halloween was nice for the trick or treater's. There were so many times when Laura and Adam were growing up where they had to wear coats of their costumes.

Laura was a guitar hero this year. I can't remember the last time I took a picture of her in a Halloween costume.

I saw a stretch limousine as I was out running last night. Was this for the little trick or treater's or the grown up revelers? I never saw anyone get in our out. I passed it several times as I ran back and forth through the neighborhood.

I went to early voting on Thursday and it still took 90 minutes. Great to see so much interest this year.

I have never ever received so much junk mail as I have in the last two weeks.

Adam and Laura will be voting in their first presidential election on Tuesday.

My first presidential election there was no CNN, MSNBC, Fox news. Got the results from the main networks.

I went to a Halloween potluck at the LLS office yesterday. The TNT staff decorated their area as black widows. Spiders everywhere, fog for special effects.

The Light the night staff had a Pirate and Ninja theme. Pirates never talk to Ninjas. Evidently that is a rule. I am not sure how the banana fits into the overall theme.

I was one of the judges for best decorations, best costumes.

High spirited trash talking between the groups. The poor little TNT bear was being pushed off a plank by the pirates. The Light the night staff told me not to take it personally and let it influence my vote.

Nice to see the staff in such high spirits, having fun with each other.

Adam started a new job today working for Game stop. He gets a discount at Barnes and Noble. His mother is quite excited about that.
We have taken a new(old) dog into our house. We now have 3 dogs and a cat.

Laura is apartment hunting with a high school friend. We hope Laura can take the cat with her when she finds a place.

I got my official Slattery's running club shirt this morning. Free wicking running shirt when you complete 7 runs. The run was moved from Monday night to Saturday morning at 10:30. 6 people were at the run this morning. Weird time for a run.

Daylight savings ends today. Sue's favorite day of the whole year.

I hate this time of year. It gets dark so early.

I have only ran one time the entire year inside on a treadmill and that was for a charitable cause last January.

Some of my favorite road races are coming up, Turkey Trot, Jingle Bell run for Arthritis, Steve's Rudolph Ramble, Resolution run.

I have only raced 7 times all year. I usually race over 20 times.

I filled up my car today for 33.00. 4 months ago that was 55.00.

I remember once having my Aunt stop for gas where an attendant put the gas in the car, checked under the hood and cleaned the windows. Aunt June put .50 in and got 2 gallons.
My grandparents bought their house in Fairmont Minnesota for 1,000.00

I wish I could talk to my Grandmother about what is happening on Wall Street. She lived through the first great depression.

She would be so interested in the election this year.

My grandmother almost died when she was 49. She lived to 108. She said eating Bran and drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the secret to longevity.

Keegan is a crazy baby. Rocky loves Keegan.

I voted along party lines and cast my ballot for the TNT girls. Shhh.

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