Monday, November 10, 2008

Krazy Baby runners at the TTTS 5K

Laura and I ran in a 5K last Sunday, to benefit TTTS(Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome).

There was an option to enter as a non twin team so I registered us in the non twin division.

This is a really fun race, lots of families and it benefits a great cause. There were over 100 young girls there who belonged to Girls on the Run.

I think I saw Laura for all of the first 25 yards of the run and she disappeared from sight. We basically go to the race together. Laura waits for me at the finish line and then we drive home together. Every opportunity to do this with her is a treasured memory.

Anyway I named our team Krazy Baby runners in honor of my great nephew Keegan. I guess what made the team name even crazier is we ran without Keegan. Krazy baby runners without their crazy baby.

The part that was interesting as running as a team was that together we were much stronger than apart.

Laura was 6th out of 47 people in her age group.

I was 13 out of 44 in my age group.

As a team we finished 3rd!

I think that is true in so many things. We are always strengthened when we stand together, supporting one another.

Challenges are far easier together.

I thought that was pretty neat and it always helps to pick a faster partner when racing :)

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  1. I really liked your blog! I think that what makes life better, stronger and more meaningful is the team called FAMILY! and I am so very grateful that you are mine! (even though I sometimes shun you!).

    love you!