Friday, November 7, 2008

Meeting a friend for the first time

I am so far behind in my blogging.

I finally got a chance to meet Dane Rauschenberg when he was here in Colorado in September for the Boulder Marathon.

Dane and I have become cyber space friends. We had been corresponding over the internet for almost 2 years before the opportunity came that we could finally meet.

I was hoping he would be a guest speaker at the Denver marathon, but it didn't work out so off to Boulder I went. I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity to finally meet face to face.

I took up a garbage bag full of old running shoes. Dane was collecting old shoes to donate to a charity so not only did I finally get to meet Dane, I got rid of some of the clutter in my house.
I am hoping that Dane will be able to meet Kelly's sister, Marcy at the Seattle marathon in 3 weeks. Marcy is running her first 1/2 marathon!
We had a nice chat, talked a bit about running. Talked about Kelly. Dane commented to me that Kelly was a fighter.
Dane had been kind enough to send Kelly a picture of himself running for her birthday last January. It said, "You keep fighting, I'll keep running".

She did and so has Dane.

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