Saturday, July 19, 2008

My new training partner

I had the coolest training partner yesterday for a brief time while riding my bike to work yesterday. A portion of my ride takes me on the Cherry Creek state park bike trail. Watching a deer run, what a thing of beauty and power that is. Effortless power and grace.
The deer ran parallel to where I was riding about 20 yards to my left. It was really neat because the deer would run and then stop and wait for me as if saying, "Hurry up , slowpoke". My new training partner waited patiently for me to almost catch up and would then decide to let me enjoy watching her run. Then she would turn around again and wait for me to get closer to her. It was really fun. Finally she decided that she had dawdled long enough waiting for me(I don't think she was getting a very good workout with all of that waiting, but I sure was) and away she went.
I hope I get another chance to train with my new partner. I will see you on Monday :-)

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