Monday, July 28, 2008

Keegan knows Kelly

I have a picture of Kelly and me on our refrigerator from the trip to Cut Bank for Prom in spring 2006.

Every time Keegan(my great nephew) sees the picture he always points and says "Uncle". He calls me Uncle, not Uncle Ross, just Uncle.

We always ask him if he knows who I am with in this picture. Sometimes he says her name right away, sometimes not. The other day I couldn't get him to say her name, it could be part of being 18 months old. When he does say her name he says it with such sweetness, it just melts my heart. We always tell Keegan that the picture is of Kelly and that we love Kelly. It is a nice moment for me, being able to share with Keegan the love I have for Kelly.

It's nice that Keegan knows Kelly. I love to listen to him say her name.


  1. Keegan sounds like a very adorable little man! I can remember you telling us that he would always go right to sleep with Sue and would stay up and play with Laura!

  2. That was so sweet! I am so glad that Keegan gets to know Kelly through you... and that he has his amazing Uncle!

  3. hooray i can leave comments now! i was amazed when keegan pointed at the picture and without even being prompted said kelly the other day! he remembered her name without ever meeting her! and molly, keegan NEVER gets to sleep when i'm around..i don't want to waste our precious time together with him sleeping! so i don't let him do that, haha

  4. that is so precious. how proud i am that Kelly impacted people's lives as she did.
    Praise God for her life!!!!!