Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is there a mall in heaven?

I attended the funeral service today for Patti Kaufmann. This was a traditional Jewish service so many words were spoken in Hebrew.

One thing that was really neat was all of the pallbearers were women. They were all members of a book club(The page turners) that Patti belonged to. I have never seen that before.

A couple of things came to mind as I listened to members of her family and the Rabbi talk about her. Much of what was said reminded me of Kelly.

Patti loved her family.
Patti was a fighter.
Patti never gave up.
Patti was always moving forward.
Patti was always giving back to those around her. She had tremendous compassion and love for her friends and family.
Patti loved to shop.

If there is a mall in heaven, I am sure that Patti and Kelly will be spending a lot of time there together.

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  1. So, since you wouldn't ever get sore in heaven from walking too much, they could shop 24/7!!!