Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kelly's special friend-Fenway Bark

I think this is a neat story. When Kelly and her family were at the Ronald Mcdonald house she made a special friend, Fenway Bark.
Fenway is a service dog that came to visit the families staying at the Ronald Mcdonald house. Fenway, like so many others , absolutely loved and adored Kelly. The night before Fenway was scheduled to visit, we made a special stop after dinner at a Petsmart where Kelly lovingly and carefully chose treats she thought Fenway would enjoy. I never knew a person could shop for so long at Petsmart. How Kelly loved to shop.
Fenway was a different dog around Kelly and her family much to her owners dismay. You would never know this was a trained service dog, acting much like my totally out of control, misbehaved dogs. My mom said she thinks dogs sense when people need extra love and it was obvious that Fenway loved Kelly and her family.
Fenway and his owner Louisa flew to Great Falls and then drove to Cut Bank for Kelly's service. Louisa bought a ticket for Fenway for the plane ride and sat in the seat next to her. How wonderful that was to have Fenway come for Kelly's service. That was such a touching moment. I think it speaks volumes about the way Kelly touched so many lives.
Thanks Fenway for the love and comfort you brought to Kelly and her family while they were separated from their dogs. Kelly had so many amazing friends. I am so glad I got to meet Fenway!

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