Saturday, December 14, 2013

Not again...

Today marks one year since the unspeakable, the unknowable terror occurred at Sandy Hook elementary in Newton Connecticut.

26 people lost their lives because they went to school that day, most to learn, some to teach.

Yesterday in a grim reminder that this can happen anywhere, anytime and we go through our lives hoping that their won't be another shooting in a school.  That as parents we can send our children off to school and believe they are safe.

At 12:33 PM at Arapahoe High School in Littleton, 15 minutes from Columbine High School, 15 minutes from the Aurora theater shootings, the all too familiar terror returned.

Sitting in a classroom in Austin, Texas working on a project to write a Music Video application in Javascript, my heart sank when I heard this.

Clips of students being herded to the track outside of the school and being searched for weapons made me feel sick to my stomach.  Laura and I ran on this track when we were training for the Paris marathon.  The world is turned upside down again.

The shooter is dead now, by his own hand as this is how these stories usually play out.

A girl, 15 years young is in critical condition after being shot in the head.  This shooting will just be a footnote, appended to the every growing list of school shootings.

The students at Arapahoe High school posted a sign this morning asking for the community to help the family of the girl who was shot.

The last line of their message says it all,  "Warriors always take care one another."

Good thing they are up to the task, we continue to fail these young people entrusted to our care.

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