Monday, November 4, 2013

Thirty Days of Thanks, Days 2-4

I have been traveling the last couple of days and it has been hard for me to post anything.

November 2:

  • Walked my dogs before heading to Austin
  • Got some last minute support and encouragement from my wife before beginning my trip. 
  • Drove 642 miles safely from Denver to Snyder Texas
November 3:

  • Stopped and took a some pictures of a Windmill powered Turbine.  This always reminds me of driving to or from Cut Bank to see Kelly. 

  • While listening to the last 30 seconds of the opening of Ragtime, took my back to Adam's high school play where his voice resonated above the chorus. Life is all about memories.  This is one that I will always treasure!
  • Promptly locked my keys in the car.  Thank goodness I had renewed my AAA membership!
November 4:

  • Found a really nice 24 Hour Fitness that has a Panera Bread 300 yards away :)
  • Getting acclimated to Austin.   It is green an hilly.  Reminds me of Federal Way/Seattle area. 
  • Streaming Denver Sports Nation on Mile High Sports!

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