Friday, July 27, 2012

We Are Aurora

Hey twitter! You get it first! We Are Aurora tribute t-shirt!    

Well Twitter got the breaking news about the Aurora tribute t-shirt from 5280 Shirt Shop.  If you read this and are on Twitter, please help spread the news.  I would love to see this go viral.  Social media can be so powerful.  Please do what you can to help raise awareness about this.

Please visit 5280 shirt shop by clicking here and place your order for your own We Are Aurora t-shirt. I already ordered a shirt for myself and for my wife, Sue.

100% of the profits for each shirt sold will be donated to the families and survivors of the Aurora shootings last week.

Last Friday my son Adam and his co-host Dario hosted a poignant show on Mile High Sports where there was no conversation about sports.  It was an open forum for people to call in and talk about the shootings at the Century 16 theater in Aurora last week.

Adam and Dario both grew up in Aurora and within a mile of the theater and they both felt the urgency to do something to contribute to the healing in the community, to help the families and everyone that has been touched by this horrific tragedy.

They partnered with James Hernandez the owner of 5280 Shirt Shop and Just Incredible Design to create the Aurora tribute shirt.  5280 Shirt Shop is Dario's and Adam's first sponsor of their radio show, Denver Sports Nation.

Adam and Dario are also working on another fundraiser where many other radio talk show hosts and their fans  will be joining Denver Sports Nation to attend a showing of the Dark Knight rises where we take our community back, unafraid and united in our support.

We are Aurora!

Light and Love x Aurora x forever ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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