Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Stories we have to tell

These are the lives we have to learn about, read about so we can tell their stories.

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As time passes the lives that were lost at the Century 16 theater's will fade from our memories. 

Books will be written about the shooter, everyone will have an opinion.

Gun control, assault weapons.  What was the founding father's intent for the second amendment?  The debate will rage on and lives will be lost again to assault weapons.

Senator Romney and Governor Hickenlooper both said that stricter gun laws would not have made a difference.  The outcome would have been the same.  There is no way to know if that is the true.  They do not know that to be true.   I think that is an outrageous statement.  Why bother?  Do nothing and hope for the best. Our elected officials in action.  

Lets do everything we can to keep the memories alive of those that were lost on July 20.

Read their stories, learn about their lives.  Read them, share their stories over and over again.

Every person that died deserves to have their stories told by the media, by us.  Every life matters.

Please read the story about Alex Sullivan by clicking the link here.  Talk to your spouse, your children, your friends about Alex.  Share his life.

I will post something every year on the anniversary date of the shootings just as I do on April 20 to remember Columbine.  I will never mention the shooter of either of these events by their name.

Please take the time to learn about the people that we lost by clicking the link here.  Our world is worse now without them.

My son, Adam went to high school with Micayla Medek.   Please take the time to read about Micayla.

When the conversation moves to the shooter, lets stop and say, "Let me tell you something about Alex Sullivan, Alex Teves, John Larimer, Veronica Moser-Sullivan, Jessica Redfield, Micayla Medek, AJ Boik, Jesse Childress, Matt Mcquinn, Jonn Blunk, Rebecca Wingo and Gordon Cowden.  Let me tell you about their lives."

It is our honor and our sacred duty to share their stories. 

We are Aurora!

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