Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Possibility 5K

"I dwell in possibility"~Emily Dickinson

On Sunday July 22, Colorado Youth at risk dedicated the 2012 Possibility 5K to the  Possibility of ending violence in our community.  

You can learn more about Colorado Youth at Risk by clicking here. 

My wife gave this event life.  It is her vision to raise awareness for this agency and attract new mentors to this program.

Sue and I have both mentored young people for Colorado Youth at Risk.  Sue is a super volunteer for Colorado Youth at Risk.  She has worn many different hats as a mentor, a small group leader and a community coach.  She has such a passion for the young people that she is serves.

One of the things that we both saw as a possibility for Colorado Youth at Risk was to be able to introduce CYAR to the running community.

Runners know what it means to show up for a race, for their training partners, for their community.

A friend of ours is a new runner was looking for 5K races to run.  She found our race on the Active.Com website and chose the Possibility 5K because she has a heart for working with young people.

She went to a creating promise tour meeting to learn more about becoming a mentor.  She made the commitment to mentor a young person for the next program that will start in the fall.

Sue and I are thrilled beyond words because this is exactly what we thought could be possible with this event.

Our friend wore this on front of her race shirt to honor those we lost during the latest violence in our community.  I know she will be an awesome mentor.

Runners do whatever it takes to get to the finish line.  The might  even pick someone up along the way!

"It rocks you hard, but you have to take a step back, look at all of these horrible things that have happened lately and choose to make a difference."Sam Granillo, Columbine High school survivor. 

What will you choose to make a difference?  What possibility will be born from your choice? 

Denver Bronco Junior Cheerleaders!

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