Friday, March 2, 2012

Making strong offers

I got home today and saw a large package sitting on the front porch.  It was the first batch of rocks(500) from the Kim Mailhot, aka The Rock Fairy.

I hope you can see the picture of the note that Kim enclosed, but if you can't see it clearly, it states:

A donation of 
500 Custom Rock My World rocks for
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

"Blood Cancer Freedom Fighters"

Let's rock this fight !


Kim Mailhot
                                                                                            aka The Rock Fairy

I am participating in an online writing class that is being taught by Patti Digh and one of Patti's mantra's that she lives by is to make strong offers in the world. 

Kim is making her strong offer in the world, sharing her time and talent in support of Cassandra's Woman of the year campaign and in support of The Leukemia and Lymphoma's Society's vision that we can create a world without cancer. 

I don't know how many hours Kim and her Rock Fairy assistant's worked on crafting these rocks for us. 

I do know that this was a heartfelt donation of many hours of loving kindness.  I do hope someday that I get to meet Kim in person.  How awesome that will be for me!

Love Echoes
"Love is the answer to every question baby!"~Kim Mailhot

Now there is a strong offer in the world!


  1. The Rock Fairy and Rocking Ross Kinney in one space ? Look out world ! ;0)

    Love echoes...

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