Saturday, March 17, 2012

It will be a love story

Kelly passed away four years ago today on March 17, 2008

Kelly battled her Leukemia for almost 12 years and her spirit was so much stronger than her cancer.  She changed my life in so many way.  She was 10 years old when I first began running for her, and her courage, who she was changed my life.

 It will be a love story, and she will be my heroine for all time, and her name will be Kelly....
Kelly with her beloved puppy Abby
I had the honor to contribute this piece to Maya Stein's anthology, Lost Highway and Living Rooms.

Last Hours 

The phone rang on Friday Your Dad calling me to tell me you had taken a turn for the worse; your kidneys were starting to shut down. The end was near. Were you afraid? You had fought for so long, so hard to get home, to be surrounded by your family and friends. I did not know what else to do as I waited so I ran.

I waited for the phone to ring again, dreading the final call. I ran a race on Sunday morning, crying through the first two miles. That was not how I wanted to honor your life so I raced the final two miles. I am your runner so I ran, with my head high. I saw a friend after the race; I wanted to fall in her arms for comfort. She knew what you meant to me.

I spent the afternoon at the park with my kids and my great nephew, circle of life. The phone rang at 5:30 Monday morning. I knew it was your Dad calling. You were gone, finally free from your cancer. I pulled the car over and cried. I tried to go to work for a while. I left work and went running. I am your runner. What else was there to do?

A dear friend of mine, Cassandra Perkins shares a birthday with Kelly and she is fighting for what was important to Kelly.  A world without cancer, a world of faith, hope and love....Fighting for Jack and Taylor. 

Cassandra with Jack, 2012 Boy of the Year

Cassandra with Taylor, 2012 Girl of the Year
If you would like to make a donation to support Cassandra efforts to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and honor Kelly's life please click the link here. 


  1. This is a beautiful love story, Ross. Kelly lives on in every step you take and in every one you encourage others to take. Let's all keep this fight moving forward, with love.
    Light and love to you !

  2. and you made a huge impact on her life Ross. you made her feel so important and special - just like a second dad to her.
    we miss her so but are grateful for the time we were given with this amazing person - our sweet Kelly.
    praising God today for the gift of her life to us all. blessings to you!

  3. Kim,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. So blessed by your friendship and the love that you share in the world.

  4. Patty,

    I am reading your comment for the second time and I am letting the tears fall. I can't tell you much your words meant to me. Deeply honored.

    Kelly's life was such a gift to all of us who were blessed to know and love her.

    I think of Kelly every day and am forever grateful for the life she lived and all the love and joy she brings to my life.

    Sending much love to you and Don, and your sweet girls, Marcy, Molly and Rose.