Friday, April 9, 2010

Trust Gratitude Inpiration Friday

 I love this thought from Brene Brown.  She has a recurring post on Friday's about Trust, Gratitude and Inspiration.

Quick shout out to one of my bloggy and Team in Training Friends, Courtney, who is also blogging on Friday's about inspiration.

I have decided to follow their lead so my Friday's posts will be about Trust, Gratitude and Inspiration.

I attended the Leukemia Cup Regatta kickoff meeting on Friday.

I know absolutely nothing about sailing and it was quite the eye opening education.

The images I have of sailing were of President Kennedy sailing in an idyllic setting.  Memories of the Camelot era in our country.

Gary Jobson was the keynote speaker at the event.  He gave us a fascinating glimpse into the sport sailing.  

Gary followed an inspiring story that was told by Preston Wilson, the Rocky Mountain Chapter's boy of the year in 2009.  Preston is seven years old and he was a tough act to follow.

The part of Preston's story that really reasonated with me was when he said, "the cancer fight didn't end for me, when I was declared to be in remission.  I am up here fighting for all of the other kids, who are undergoing treatment".

 Seven years old.

Preston's Mom told us, that "Cancer was a beautiful gift to our family, disguised in some very ugly wrapping paper".

Kelly's mom also talked about cancer being a gift.  Kelly chose her cancer, lived her life focusing on the gifts, no matter how ugly the gift was wrapped.

Seeing so many people that live a life of trust and gratitude during the cancer journey.


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