Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love 4 Laiken

Please take 10 seconds and sign the dedication page I created yesterday for Laiken Kenwood.

Laiken passed away two years ago today.  Laiken's Mom left a post on Laiken's caringbridge site yesterday and my heart just aches for Stacey.

I wanted to do something to honor Laiken and I am hoping that everyone that reads this will take 10 seconds of their time and sign their names to Laiken's dedication page and would really love it if you would be kind enough to forward this link on to everyone you know.  I am hoping to get 500 signatures.

The Lance Armstrong foundation is creating the worlds largest dedication page to give to world leaders in an effort to get them to take action in this cancer fight.

I am glad that Kelly and Laiken and most recently my Aunt Joy are forever free from cancer.  However I am not happy that they couldn't be free from their cancer in this life.   I am selfish.  I don't understand this at all.

Cancer just marches on and we are hurt.  We feel lost without these vibrant people that we love.

Tonight, I wish I had some words of hope and inspiration to offer that someday this will end and cancer will be vanquished.

For now, I will keep fighting to honor Laiken's legacy.  Smile on pretty girl. 

Love for Laiken

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