Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kelly's gift

It is so hard to believe that it has been two years that Kelly has been gone.

I wore my Saint Patricks Day tie to work again with the special locket of Kelly that her parents sent to me before the last marathon I ran.

I took one of her scarves to work with me as well. I held her close to my heart throughout the day.

After work, I picked up my friend Brittany and we went to a Team in Training Patient Hero social.  It was good to be able to spend the evening with Brittany.  She knew how much Kelly means to me.  Brittany was a rock of support for me last year as the one year anniversary of her passing approached.

One of the other team heroes for this season name is Kelly.  She asked me what my connection was.

I got to tell her just a litte bit about my connection to Kelly and the impact she had on my life.

I was Kelly's runner for almost nine years of her life.  What a gift that was to me...

I had another gift from Kelly that was waiting.

I had wanted to do this last year on the one year anniversary of her passing.  The day came and went and I couldn't act on it.  

Now another year was passing. If I don't do this today, will I wait another year? Do I have another year?

I talked with Sue about this a couple days before.  I wanted to put this into existence. 

It was something I really wanted to do to honor Kelly, her life and all she stood for.

I talked to a trusted friend at work about it during the day.  She offered her support and gave me a couple of things to read.

I dropped Brittany off after dinner and drove over to one of the places I like to run at when it is dark.  The streets are very well lit and there is little traffic.

I changed into my running clothes.  I carefully removed the locket from my tie and kissed the picture of Kelly and told her that I love her.  I cradled her scarf next to my cheek, something she wore after losing her hair. 

I ran for sixty minutes, enjoying the time I was spending in solitude with my thoughts of Kelly.

My life was changed forever in January 1999 when I first began running for Kelly.  We lived 900 miles apart and became the best of friends.  We shared an unbreakable bond of love with one another and nothing could ever touch that.  Certainly not cancer.

My relationship with my family is so much closer because of Kelly. 

Sue became a Christian because of Kelly's faith.

I got home at 11:45. The day was almost over.

I prayed and asked for Jesus to come into my life.

I wanted to save Kelly's life  through my running and raising money for a cure and somehow it was through Kelly's life and her love, her faith and joy that saved mine instead.

I love you Kelly.


  1. your post brings me to tears. the angels rejoice, kelly is rejoicing along with her Christ and Savior that you have joined the family of believers. We are all rejoicing!
    I too accepted Christ into my life as Lord and Savior after Kelly's diagnosis. He has changed my life and continues to change me. I am overwhelmed to read this.
    i'll call you when i'm able to talk. Truly,truly - now we can be neighbors when we finally come "home" and live in the place Jesus is preparing for us and Kelly is familiar with already.
    praise you Jesus for saving Kelly, for saving me and our family, for saving Ross and Sue. What a privilege to join God's family and share in His inheritance.
    wait until i tell Don.......
    In Christ's precious love

  2. I just sat and read this over and over. How beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. As Easter approaches, I have been reminding myself to take those moments to truly ask Jesus into my heart. I know Kelly was right there with you during the run and opening your heart.

  3. Ross -

    That is so awesome!!!!, what a precious way to honor Kelly!

  4. Ross,

    We love you so much and your posts are so inspirational. I am so happy for you and know Kelly is smiling that big smile of hers.

    God Bless,