Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thoughts on Thankful Thursday

Keegan directing which way to run!
Laura kneeling second from left.

I have been trying to set aside one day a week to focus on being thankful. Hence, Thankful Thursday.

I haven't quite got into the habit as I would like as I remembered at the end of the day it was Thankful Thursday.
Last Thursday, Laura received her coveted Irish Snug running shirt for completing her 10th run.

I had trouble finding a place to park and Laura asked Keegan where is Uncle? Keegan told her I was out running...
Laura ran with her cousin Kristin and the two Michelle's and Keegan and I took off together.
I had been looking forward all day to the Irish Snug run and spending some time with Keegan.
I am convinced that the baby jogger must have had a flat tire or been awfully low on air. The baby jogger seemed to have a mind of it's own. It just would not go in a straight line.
It was also very humid(38%), which is a lot for Colorado. I was just dripping during the run and I never sweat. I don't know how people can run that live in really humid climates.
I ran into one of my Team In Training friends(Katie) after the run. Katie and I ran the Georgetown 1/2 marathon together last August. It was literally the last good day of running I had last year. It was fun to catch up with her.
Laura and her friend Michelle and I had a good time visiting with each other after the run.
Thankful Thursday question of the day. What is your favorite place you have visited anywhere in the world?


  1. oooh I hate when the jogger does that! Congrats to Laura for earning her shirt! My favorite place I've visited..hmm...I haven't traveled much off of the east coast (my dad hates flying so we never went far, haha!) Would have to be a tie between Acadia National Park in Maine, Provincetown, Cape Cod, or Hatteras NC. (do you see a trend, haha!) They are all just so beautiful!

  2. Heather,

    It was like the jogger had a mind of it's own on Thursday. My arms were sore, felt like I had been arm wrestling :)

    I have always wanted to go to Maine, seeing Cape Cod would be neat.

    My top 3 places:
    Most romantic-San Francisco
    Most beautiful-Lake Tahoe
    Most interesting-New York city

  3. I just put the connection together from your donation to BOMF and wanted to say thank you again. Words can not express how much it means to me. You were beyond generous and I sincerely thank you.

    now, as for my favorite place...Negril, Jamaica!

  4. Denise,

    I just googled Negril,Jamaica. The pictures looked awesome.

    Thanks for the comment and sharing what your favorite place is.