Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kelly's friends at the Surf City marathon expo

This is a neat story of how Dane, Shanya and I are linked together through Kelly.

Dane and I became cyber friends in fall of 2006 while he was running 52 marathons in 52 weekends. We corresponded via e-mail for almost two years before we finally got a chance to meet at the Boulder marathon last September.

Dane knew Kelly was very ill and had kindly sent her a signed picture of him running for her 19th birthday. I saw the picture that Dane had sent her when I went to visit her last February. I was so touched by his kind gesture and words of encouragement he had written to Kelly.

Dane posted an article about Kelly on his blog a week after she died and seeing her name in the title caught Shayna's eye.

Shayna immediately wrote Dane and asked him for my e-mail address and we have since become very good friends. We just haven't had the chance to meet each other yet. I think that when Shayna and I first meet, we will have a good cry and then I suspect we will spend a lot of time laughing.

This weekend, Dane and Shayna were both at the Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, California so now I have a picture of two of my favorite people in the world together.

I think it is so neat that the three of us are friends and even neater that we are linked together through Kelly.

Now we just all need to end up at the same marathon. What a reunion that will be!

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  1. Dane was so convinced that you were going to be at that race, too... *sigh*

    Kelly was one of the connectors... She was meant to bring us together... And one day, yes, we WILL do a race together... And we'll hug and cry and laugh and laugh and probably cry a bit more!

    Love and Light!!!